Sylvain&CO Vitality SA is a private company based in Vaud, Switzerland that has developed an innovative and revolutionary diagnostic technology for testing the quality of fresh fruits and vegetables. The Bioscope Agro is a real-time detection, capture and spectral analysis technology that offers a unique perspective on evaluating produce quality, vitality, the effects of the growing environment and much more. Sylvain&CO Vitality is on the frontiers of agronomy science and applied research with its ability to scan biological samples in-situ and in-vivo and to detect subtle changes in the plant caused by contamination, disease and common pests.

Sylvain&CO Vitality core patent pending technical platform has tremendous industrial and commercial potential, with many possible applications, products and services. The company is targeting the multi-billion dollar global markets of Agriculture and Food Processing. Development efforts are focused on creating easy to use products and signal management systems that can quickly produce general views of unique patterns or signatures that are related to specific dynamic characteristics or behavioural changes in biological samples.

Sylvain&CO Vitality advanced diagnostic technology provides researchers with the ability to detect subtle changes in agricultural products related to quality or contamination; monitor characteristic signals of viral, bacterial or fungal organisms; distinguish differences in food quality; view subtle cellular and molecular activity; and explore the interactions samples and local environments.

Our Platform

With our partners, we have developed a unique and powerful technological platform with the aim to establish a concrete and reliable reference with respect to the evaluation of vitality, specifically related to agro products.


Bioscope Agro

The Bioscope Agro is a revolutionary signal detector that  is used to capture electromagnetic signals in living and fresh food products.


Analysis Service

We understand that time is a valuable commodity and it is for this reason why we have created a sophisticated spectral data analysis service for our clients.


Expert Evaluation

Based on spectral data results, our team of expert partners is available to intervene in problematic areas for growers, distributors and retailers.